Making a connection with the power-house of youth

Vodafone needed to reach out and tackle the challenging youth market across Europe; a target that seeks to be understood and has the power to build brand status like no other.

Immersing Vodafone deep into the world of the under 25s we exposed the real unedited story of today’s youth; by recruiting teenage undercover reporters, talking to children’s TV presenters and reviewing how other brands have successfully built traction with the target.

We provided Vodafone the foundations of a new global youth strategy, displayed on an interactive tool and forum, and inspired a new way of thinking and engaging with the youth target audience.


We have launched new youth propositions in Vodafone Spain, Germany and Italy. Vodafone Spain took on board all the elements from the workshop in how to engage with youth and has seen fantastic early results from their recent proposition launch.

Head of Prepay Propositions, Vodafone Group