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The Feminine Plural

Cécile Gorgeon

In 2015, women happily play with the codes of a multifaceted femininity whose form and codes they have redefined.

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Added Value

Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Huffington Post, Shanghai Daily, BBC News and Forbes... we're in the press all over the world.

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Blurred Lines

5 May 2016 | Emily Smith

Food for thought on whether applying traditional thinking to segment categories should still be used in today’s evolving world.

“Mobile is Everything”

22 Feb 2016 | Zoë Dowling

As a brand, connecting with consumers via their mobile devices is now essential and an integral part of its brand strategy.

Brands Iconicity

30 Nov 2015 | Added Value France

Simply because creating and designing amazing products is not enough anymore for forging an iconicity.

Top 5 Tips to Reach Iconicity

30 Nov 2015 | Added Value France

From connecting to culture to making the most of your history and heritage, here are five ways to help your brand reach iconicity.

A Taxonomy of the Modern Millennial Consumer

27 Oct 2015 | Laura Tarbox

There more than one definition of what it is to be a millennial. Understanding some of the more interesting and culturally engaged genus could help your brand connect that bit better.